Unblock Machine


A friend Cliff Warren and myself wanted to revolutionize the Game Design Process using the power of generative AI. So we set ourselves a challenge.

Design a generative-AI storytelling tool that disrupts large game studios by enabling millions of small studios to emerge.

My contribution

Product strategy User research Branding Product design

The team

2 x product designers 1 x machine learning programmer A few brilliant advisors!




Over the course of a few months, we researched, tested, and refined a tool that we absolutely love. Here is a quick overview of our product and some mockups. Enjoy!

The Problem

  • Game development takes over a year just for the initial concept.
  • This makes game creation accessible only to big studios.
  • Small studios can't afford the time and resources for quality concepts.

Our Solution

We enable anyone to create a polished game concept in a weekend with AI. This unlocks new opportunities:

  • More indie developers can pitch great game ideas for funding and self publish.
  • Higher concept quality raises the bar across the industry.
  • Faster, cheaper ideation fosters creativity and innovation.

Key Features

Our tool improves the concept process through:

  • Intuitive starting points to overcome blank page paralysis.
  • AI-generated storyboards with both text and images.
  • Seamless iteration by tweaking generated assets.
  • Shared style guides for consistent branded assets.
  • Smooth collaboration between cross-functional teams.

Hopeful Outcome

This transformation will:

  • Empower more creators to make game concepts.
  • Let small studios compete with established players.
  • Potentially shift power away from dominant studios.
  • Bring more creative variety and joy to players.


We have gained some wisdom from this project, which we can apply to future projects. I wanted to share this with you, in case it proves useful.

Three immutable principles

We created these immutable guiding principles to assist us in designing our AI-powered tool:

  1. Agency - AI should empower users and foster creative flow.
  2. Collaboration - AI should facilitate inclusive teamwork and idea exchange.
  3. Multimodality - AI should intuitively respond to diverse human modes of interaction.

With these principles in mind, we are leveraging the power of generative AI to transform the creative process:

Efficient Conceptualization

  • AI enables rapid ideation and iteration
  • Overcomes blank page paralysis
  • Accelerates workflows from concept to finished product

Augmented Human Skills

  • Amplifies existing specialist skills
  • Allows generalists to gain creative abilities quickly
  • Expands capabilities beyond current domains

Intuitive Collaboration

  • Replaces rigid interfaces with natural interactivity
  • Understanding through speech, touch, audio, etc.
  • Enables organic teamwork and co-creation

By empowering efficient ideation, augmenting human skills, and facilitating collaboration, we believe AI can unlock new creative possibilities that were unimaginable just a decade ago. This transformation will lead to more inclusive innovation, productivity, and joy.

I am committed to developing AI guided by human values like agency, collaboration, and multimodality. This will ensure technology serves creators and enrich society.