Silka Sietsma
Product Designer

Product Designer • 20y+ Exp • Specialized in 0→1 • Designer who codes(ish) • AI Expert

Previously at Adobe — building the new tools for millions of creators around the world. Before that inventing new UI interactions for Augmented Reality for Samsung Design and my own startup, Dekko.


I’m Silka — a product designer with 20 years of experience working with new technologies, I deeply care about the impact design has on our whole lives.

Recently, I worked at Adobe as part of the Emerging Design team, where I drove product innovation across the company. I collaborated with cross-functional partners from early ideation through implementation and ran Adobe’s Design Lab, delivering some of Adobe's first-to-market AR, VR, and AI creative tools.

Prior to that, I co-founded an AR startup called Dekko. Our vision was to build a platform for developers to create real-world interactions, merging the line between physical and digital worlds. Later, my co-founder sold it to Niantic as

I have an Australian accent but currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with my two wonderful, angsty teenagers. In my free time, I love mentoring artists, designers, and startups, as well as doodling with art projects. If you're nearby, let's grab a coffee sometime.



Product Designer

2023 – today


Product Designer

2017 – 2022

FrameStore VR

Product Designer

2017 – 2017

Samsung Design

Product Designer

2014 – 2015


End-to-end product design

Interface design

User experience design

Product strategy

Systems thinking


AI render
VR show at Pioneer Gallery
New York
Maker love
electric play
AI render
AI rener
SF Moma

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Currently based in Brooklyn, New York— available for remote-friendly work from September 2023.

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Silka Sietsma